Using BedPage to Find Escorts? Read this First

Thinking of using to find local escorts for a free sex meet? We tried bedpage so you don’t have to. Read this short guide first to getting laid successfully using controversial new escort site, bed page. Before you hire an escort for a date, sex, or even a girlfriend experience, please read this short article so you can use this escort site safely and legally in your area.

1) Make sure the girl is real:
Just because she’s on the website, doesn’t mean that she’s really there and available. There are many fake profiles made with stolen pictures of porn stars and other girls. Some girls set up their own fake profile to get free advertising for their escort agency or independent escort business.

2) Don’t trust any reviews unless you know them personally:
If you see a review saying how great an escort is, it may not be true. Maybe the person who wrote the review has been paid off by the escort. If you want to make sure about an escort’s reviews, ask her if she knows the person writing the review.

3) Be careful when booking:
Don’t book the first girl you meet. It could lead to trouble. The best way to find out which girls are worth meeting is to talk to them in chat rooms like ours where we handpick every single girl we feature.

4) Always pay in cash:
Never give a girl your credit card number over the phone. Paying in cash means no bank account information will be needed to track down the money later.

5) Watch out for underage escorts:
Most agencies have a minimum age requirement for their escorts. If you hire a girl who looks too young, you could end up being charged with statutory rape. That will ruin your life forever!

6) Look at the girl’s profile before making a booking:
Make sure that you’re hiring someone of the same ethnicity as you are looking for. A lot of guys end up paying extra to change the race of the escort they hired. This can cause all sorts of problems with the law.

7) Don’t pick an escort based solely on her looks:
It’s very easy to get fooled by a pretty face. Just remember that appearance is only one aspect of having a good time. The right personality can make all the difference in the world between an amazing sexual experience and a boring night out.

8) Do your homework on the escort agency:
Check out the escort agency online. Make sure that they’re legit and that they won’t scam you. If you can’t find anything, check out our reviews section to find out what people say about different agencies.

9) Make sure the girl is legal:
I’m sure you’ve heard stories about men getting arrested for hiring underage escorts. Make sure the girl you hire is 21 years old or older.

10) Be honest with the escort about the kind of service you want:
There’s nothing wrong with telling the girl you want an “adult encounter” instead of a regular date. It’s illegal for a woman under the age of 18 to provide adult services. So it’s your responsibility to make sure that she knows that.

11) Use condoms:
Do not have sex without a condom. You’ll save yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

12) Have fun and enjoy yourself:
That’s the whole point of hiring an escort. Make sure you and your escort are having a good time together before you leave. Most agencies allow you to take some of their girls home after they finish work. That’s always a good option if you want to continue partying!

More About

This site is notorious among the escort community. They created this website to help hookup couples meet local prostitutes for a quickie or a long term relationship. They claim to have millions of users from all over the world.
The way it works is simple:

You go to and browse through thousands of profiles of escorts, hookers, and call girls. You will also see ads for erotic massage parlors, sex clubs, and strip joints. When you find a girl that you like, you contact her via email or phone and arrange a meeting.

You pay the girl directly for the service. There are no middlemen taking a cut of your money. does not charge you anything.

These are some reasons why you should avoid using this website:

– The girls on aren’t always real. Many of them steal pictures from other websites and create fake profiles. Because the girls don’t have to pay for a membership, most of them set up false profiles just to attract customers.

– If you try to cancel a booking, you’ll never hear back from the girl. She’ll just block your account and stop communicating with you. If you want to make sure that she doesn’t answer your calls or emails, you can report her to and she’ll get banned from the site.

– Some girls don’t even speak English. Many of them are from countries where prostitution isn’t illegal. They join to advertise themselves to potential clients. If you have a problem with a girl’s language skills, tell her you’re hiring her for a companion rather than a prostitute.

– Some girls offer more services than just sex. Many of them advertise themselves as companions who will attend events with you. They will pretend to be your girlfriend and act like your personal assistant at weddings or conferences.

– Many of the girls on have criminal backgrounds. They may have been convicted of crimes such as theft, assault, or drug possession. If you hire an escort who has a record, you’re risking arrest.

– The girls on are only interested in one thing: getting paid. If you don’t want sex, they’ll refuse to come over to your place. But if you want to fuck them hard, they may agree to do it but expect more money in return.

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